Executive Summary
Compares your risk analysis results in 5 categories: Liquidity, Earnings, Credit, Capital, and Yield Curve, directly to your policy guidelines so at a glance, you know where you stand.

Credit Risk
Trends loan growth, allowance, and non-performing loans in order to show the banks historic allowance behavior vs. its actual non-performing loans.

Net Interest Income at Risk
Rate shocks of +/-100, 200, 300 and 400 basis points are applied to the banks repriceable assets and liabilities to gauge your potential earnings at risk. This page shows $’s at risk and margin basis points at risk for BOTH 1 and 2 year periods.

Duration Analysis
Aims to quantify the amount of risk embedded in your margin due to the mismatch in cash flow timing between your assets and liabilities.  This will expose the portion of your margin at risk to a non-parallel shift in the yield curve.

Earnings and Leverage Analysis
Breaks down key ratios such as your break even yield, efficiency ratio, and leverage ratio in order to understand how your operating and capital structure are affecting your earnings potential.

Balance Sheet Gap
This is a visual comparison of the expected cash flows of your assets and liabilities.

EVE Analysis
Considered a measure of the long term interest rate risk embedded in your balance sheet. Measures the present value of your assets and liabilities under rate shocks of +/-100, 200, 300 and 400 basis points

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